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Agnes Städ i Göteborg AB

We perform professional cleaning to restaurants, shops and villas,
and we also do cleaning after major events such as weddings and parties.

About us at Agnes cleaning

Agnesstäd was founded in 2005 with the aim that we wanted to provide our customers with something more, something simpler and something a little better. This idea established a new approach in the cleaning industry, where our goal was to combine the stability of large companies with the familiarity and flexibility of small businesses.

We turn to companies, private individuals, organizations and associations around Gothenburg. We perform everything from cleaning to window cleaning, floor care and garage cleaning. Today we have 18 employees who work with us at Agnes städ, in order to offer our customers a quick service and a high-quality cleaning.

Person wiping a stair railing with a cloth

Our services

Home cleaning

Cleaning bucket with cleaning products in and a measure

Are you interested in home cleaning? We can help you. Coming home to a newly cleaned home after a long day at work is never entirely wrong. We clean your kitchen, bathroom, ponds, empty trash cans, vacuum and wet dry your floors.

A home cleaning can make a big difference in your home and for your entire family's life. We want you to be 100% satisfied, so if you'd rather have a different type of home cleaning that fits into your everyday life and to your family's routines, we can customize your home cleaning out according to what you want help with.

Moving cleaning

Cardboard boxes standing in a living room in front of a white sofa

Before a move, there is a lot that needs to be fixed, by booking a moving cleaning you can facilitate your entire process. We carry out moving cleaning in villas, apartments, townhouses for private individuals or offices, shops or premises for companies. It is important in moving cleaning to be flexible and accurate.

We are at short notice in the Gothenburg area when it comes to moving cleaning or other cleaning before viewings or photo shoots. With us at Agnes cleaning we have a quality guarantee, which means that if you or the new landlord are not satisfied with the completed moving cleaning, we will immediately come back and fix.

Office cleaning

Cleaner cleaning a computer mouse

For our corporate customers, we offer office cleaning, where you can decide for yourself how often you are in need of cleaning. What is included in office cleaning is that we empty trash cans, dust off all surfaces, vacuum all soft floors and all hard floors are moped and wet dried.

We also clean all toilets and refile with toilet material when needed. In the kitchen we wipe off the sink, stove, fridge, table and chairs to keep everything neat and clean. If you want to tailor your own cleaning schedule to suit your business, you can contact us for a quote about office cleaning, and together we will find a cleaning schedule that suits your company best.

Business cleaning

Cleaners performing floor care on a stone floor

Do you need to find a cleaning company that performs a qualitative business cleaning? We offer our customers a wide variety of business cleanings, such as warehouse cleaning, restoration cleaning, school cleaning or store cleaning. All companies have different types of needs when it comes to business cleaning, therefore the same cleaning does not suit all companies.

We at Angesstäd help you tailor a cleaning schedule that suits your company's needs and criteria. Contact us and we will solve a schedule that suits your company regardless of whether you have a large or small company, we will help you customize your cleaning. Our goal is for all our customers to feel safe in the choice of cleaning company and therefore we offer a 100% satisfied guarantee. We're not happy until you're satisfied, that's our motto.